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The Parting

'Tis not the parting
That means so much.
Ah! No!-
It is the frequent
After meetings
That carry
The deeper sting.

When your eyes meet mine
(Those eyes once full of love)
In a chilling stare-
When your lips say
A curt "good day"
(Those lips that once clung to mine)-
When your arms
(That held me once in such a tight embrace)
Are raised now
Only to tip your hat
Or for formal handshakes-
When we meet again
At the old trysting places
Among the old
Familiar scenes
And cannot recall
Even by a glance
The sweet memories
That flock about us
As bees about honey-

Ah! These! These
Hold the deeper sting!

Written by Beatrice M. Murphy (1908-1992)


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