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De Queen an I

It's nice to know dat de Queen
Sits at home studying me.
She study me history,
Wea me born
Me roots an fruits.
An when me go rave
De Queen an I are intellectually engaged.
She study me anatomy
She check out how me sexy,
She check me riddim an me rhyme
Me sleeping times,
I know she'll check dis
And she always check dat
She study me so much
Mek me proud to be Black.

Sometimes she will blow a fuse
When she get confuse by de news
Sometimes I know she want to talk to me
But de bodyguards will get jealous yu see,
So she treat me like a kinda
Open University
An study me casually.

Me Republican frens sey
If she study thee
Den study she,
But I done study she
Way back in 1983.
Frens sey
Examine her
But me check her out already
Now she studying Reggae,
I nar tell no lie
She a study Rastafari, guy.

Me is de Queen's book a bedtime
Her morning service
Her vital muse,
I don't know
Why it's so
I is just
De one she chose.
Me is her favourite lesson
Her liberation
Her poetry,
She don't like guys messin
I may be guessin
But I think dat's why she study me.

One is humble
One is honoured
One will never object
I am so happy
Dat she chose me
I am de Queen's subject.

Written by Benjamin Zephaniah


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