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Heckling Miss Lou

Kiss me neck
Dat one deh sweet,
Chat dat poem again Miss Lou,
Lard me God
Dat verse deh hard,
Run it wan more time.
Blouse an skirt bowy
What a rhyme,
Rewind an lyric again Miss Lou,
Jesus Christ
What good advice,
Cum wid a noddor line.

Whip I wid dat wicked word style
Move I wid yu riddim,
When yu done juss ress a while
Den start from de beginnin,
Teach me, touch me, test me,
Yu wordologist yu,
An when yu done unstress me
Miss Lou.

Miss Lou (Louise Bennett) is the Queen of all we Dub, Reggae
or Performance Poets. To overstand the poetry of Jamaica or its
offspring you have to check out Miss Lou.

Written by Benjamin Zephaniah


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