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The Angry Black Poet

Next on stage
We have the angry black poet,
So angry
He won't allow himself to fall in luv,
So militant
You will want to see him again.
Don't get me wrong
He means it,
He means it so much
He is unable to feel,
He's so serious
If he is found smiling
He stops to get serious before he enters stage left,
Through days he dreams of freedom
Through nights he rants of freedom,
Tonight he will speak for you,
Give him a hand.

Please give him a hand,
Help him,
He too has silent moments
He could do without,
I have worked with him
And I know
He needs stroking
He needs to play
Let him know you are there.

I knew him when he was unknown
I knew him when he was happy,
Now he's angry You will luv him,
He lives on the edge
He has highs and lows,
And I know
He hates publicity
And he luvs you all,
Be quiet
And let's hear it for
The angry black poet.

Written by Benjamin Zephaniah


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