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Many brotha's ask themselves how could I catch a woman's eye
I ain't fine nor am I fit to be Ebony's man of the month
But when I try to tell how I can do so they think I lie
I tell 'em
It's the echo in my voice
The bounce of my shoulders
And the sweet movements for my lips
I'm educated, educated brotha, that's me

I walk onto a party scene just as cool as I please
The females smile and whisper to their friends
Then being as bold as they can be they run to me
Like steam running from tea, because they know
It's the determination in my eyes
The confidence in my soul
And the tingle in my toes
I'm a black, educated brotha that's me

Women themselves find that they ask what it is they see in me.
They think so, so long on it
Knowing they will never even touch it
It's kind of funny watching them wonder
Like a pilot navigating through thunder
So I tell them with no hesitation
It's the shield of my chest
The power in my back
The style in my talk
And the nice way I flaunt my style
Educated and black, educated brotha that's me

Do you now understand why my head never hangs low?
Why it is I don't brag on what I have
Or why I will not give in to this place we call home
It should make you smile to watch me drive by
Because I'm going to keep showing you how
It's the step in my heels
The texture of my hair
The grasp of my hands
And my need to want to succeed
You see I'm educated, a black man
Educated brotha that's me

Written by Beniot D. Green Jr.


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