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How could I have not noticed her before? She looks no different, her walk still
Moves to the same beat, and the vibrations of her voice remains to move in
Steady waves flowing with the ocean current
What makes me look at her so strong now? Her face smooth and lovely the way it glows,
Her walk so wonderful so nice the way she moves, and the sound of her voice so soft so
Sexy the way she calls my name, that dear sweet chocolate

How come she never laid on my mind before? She is still the same as when I first spoke
To her, she still has the same physical appearance that's always been there, and her personality
Hasn't been introduced to any changes
What makes her stay on a brother's mind 24/7? The way she curls her mouth when she's happy
Lights a room, the way her outfits makes her curves stand out with much sex appeal, and the way
Her personality makes her so gorgeous, keeps me yearning for just a taste'
Just a small sample of that dear sweet chocolate

How is it that she draws me so near? She didn't know any of my likes of dislike, she would
Never hold a heavy conversation with me, and she even ignored my presence at times
What is this hold she has on me? The way she holds my concerns in her heart makes me feel oh so good,
When she holds conversations with me I get inside for those few moments to truly feel her,
And when she acknowledges my presence around her lets me know she needs more of me
Just like I need more of that dear sweet chocolate

How come she makes me feel this way? She never goes out of her way to impress me, she doesn't ask
For all of me to herself, and she sure doesn't love me for her heart is held else where
What does she give to me to make me so weak? It's crazy the way her words grab all my attention
With no effort intended, it's amazing how she doesn't need to ask for my all, because just her beauty alone
Touches me, and it's gonna be even better when she gets my heart for her comfort, for this will be the day
That she will become my dear sweet chocolate

Written by Beniot D. Green Jr.


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