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What if I had no money, or had no fame,
Would you care enough to even remember my name?
What if I had no mansion or no place to call home?
Would you care to take my invitation and follow me to Rome?

You see me; my pictures are everywhere… in every publication,
My life is a spectacle; it's open to our entire nation.
Why can't you love me because I am a normal person you see?
Why can't you just love me…just love me…I pray to thee?

I want the fairytale just like everyone else in life,
I want you to love me and one day learn how to be my wife.
We would take long walks, holding hands, strolling on the beach,
Loving each other gently; in silence, we would need no speech.

But this is only a fantasy to me, a desire…a mere hope,
Because in light of everything, these dreams…they help me to cope.
I know my life doesn't seem normal; I have everything anyone could need.
But that's not who I am, I have a heart that cries…love me, love me, indeed.

Written by BJ Binning


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