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Your spirit knows

My heart is aching, my soul is crying,
I am overwhelmed with anxiety, Oh….there's no denying.
These feelings I have I cannot defend,
They must be captured, this must surely end.

I don't know him I say, we've barely even spoken,
But my spirit is so drawn to him, make it go away, for hearts will be broken.
I dream of him in my sleep ever so gently in the night,
I wake up to him in my thoughts, I can't stop it, but I must fight!

I frequently ask myself, what can I do to get him out of my head?
To only respond "is that what you want, or do you want him here instead?"
I pledge to run away from reality and drown myself in tears,
But will I be free from my visions of my greatest fears?

I fear he will reject me when I make my confession,
then at times, I sense his touch and lose all my discretion.
Why does my heart betray me, how can I make it comprehend?
I know nothing about him; he is not even a friend.

Suddenly, I stop and think what if this is not a fixation?
Maybe my spirit knows the truth...just the thought... brings elation.
I do not believe that love just happens, I believe its really planned,
Just like the birds and the bees, and the pebbles in the sand.

I await my destiny, this man I see in my dream.
I await this moment in which my heart will surely scream.
One day I'll know, oh yes... in the future I will see.
For I know our spirits know ... that together we will be.

Written by BJ Binning


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