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The hottest turn so COLD

Seamlessly smooth the texture of my pain
Fits in every groove, but always against the grain
So I feel you
Even when you not here
Cry inside but dry no tear

See… I loved you more than once
And you loved me too…
Mine built to last
Yours lasted only while we were new
Lasted only till it was 2 months old
Somehow the hottest loves turn so COLD

So every morning now
When I rise
I see scars of love and lust
Invisible to eyes
And every thought of you
Picks at them
Makes them bleed a lil longer
And the hurt a lil stronger
Forbidding them to heal
Longing for what was never real
But somehow left evidence
Fingerprints and murder weapon left for forensics
And time of death to our loves existence

Written by Blak Lincoln


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