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My Muse

my muse
my muse is as sweet whisperz
on quiet nites with gentles breezes
a placebo when nothing ails me and
the cure all........ my every pain she eases

once in a life time sometimes
only at the right time
will anyone see my muse's beauty inside
but for i
there are few friends so close
and few lovers ever so satisfied

she makes joy an inexplicable pleasure
and each day a beautiful surprise
her voice soft as any moon lite
and smile brite as any sun rise

she inspires me to words and thought
to complex to ever convey
yet i try and these feeble words
just seem to get in the way
so i speak not to mere mortals
the treasure of which me and my muse
we hold
but kno that is far better than any love story ever to be told

Written by Blak Lincoln


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