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Two damaged souls collided in space
for a brief moment in time.
They shared each others' thoughts,
pain, and beings
Adjustments were made to comfort the other
Neither felt they could count on anyone else
So they depended on each other-in vai

They wrongly perceived their shared pain as love
Both being each others' only crutch
Both falling together

One realizing too soon for the other
That their aspirations were false
A future cannot be built solely on shared
feelings and beliefs
Correct communication and realistic
expectations must exist.

Again they are not two
But one, and one, in space
Believing they have a grasp on where to go
But knowing no one knows for sure

Searching for fulfillment while pretending
they're already fulfilled
Hoping the gravitational pull will bring them
together again.

With new thoughts on how to be two.

Written by Blue Butterfly


Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge