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My Friend Fear

If I lost you, my steady companion,
Havoc would wreak chaos in my thoughts.
Settling down to a point of no return,
My mind would become brave.
Brave to what I am feeling,
Sometimes hoping, the pain, STOP!
Do not try to go away my friend,
Once you do I am in trouble.
As I think, type, whatever, you are
Trying to escape me, WHY?
One day I will regret to wake up,
Notice that you are not here.
Leaving me to struggle all alone in battle,
A war to lose not worth fighting,
That is what is at stake!
Don't you see, care, huh?
I wonder what are your limitations,
Like a pancreas has for producing insulin,
Ceasing sometimes, to the demise of diabetics?
Or are you unconditional, unrelenting,
Like an addict's love for euphoric drug?
Reassure me, are you stable, I am not.
Must I live day to regrettable day,
Not knowing, wondering, with anxiety.
Friend, never leave me, I want to continue.

Written by Brad Morin


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