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Confused Pt. II

He called me today
Said he wants to take me out
In my mind I started schemin
Tryna plot a way
It makes me so happy
That he wants to see me
But my hearts rippin in two
One piece wants him so badly
Tha other knows I'm much better off stayin with you
I'm torn between two worlds
And I can't have tha best of both
You make me feel good
When he hurts me tha most
But I realize no matter what
He will always be more close
Closer to my heart
Closer to my soul
Closer to my existence
He's tha one I'll always want
Regardless of his resistance
I don't want to hurt you
Cuz tomorrow I'll regret it
But I gotta take this chance with him
How can I make you get it?
I just need to face tha truth
As much as you mean to me
I wuz never actually confused
I'll never really want to be with you
As long as he's still in tha picture
And if I come clean with it now
Hopefully your pain will heal quicker
Becuz I look in tha future
And I don't see what you see
As much as I wish I did
I don't deserve tha love you give to me
So I don't want to lead you on
Becuz I honestly care
I'm so sorry
I didn't mean to take for granted
That you would be there

Written by Butterflyz


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