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So many times I've given you my heart
I feel physically sick
When I think about it
Every time
You break me down
Tear me apart
So what can I do
I'm tired of tha bullshit
I'm wondering
What tha hell am I in this thing for
Cuz if you can't tell me
I can't do this anymore
I'm drained
And mentally
I can't even maintain
Cuz errything seems straight bent to me
What you meant to me...
Is so far beyond belief
How could I fall for someone
Who brings nothing but grief
To tha atmosphere
Like tha wind to a leaf
You juss blow me around
Head spinnin in circles
Suddenly I hit tha ground
Sometimes I look errywhere
And your NO where to be found
So if you want me
Tell me now
And if you need me
Tell me now
And if you love me
Tell me:HOW?
Cuz afta all tha bullshit
You still don't show no emotion
And not that I expect it
But still
It ain't no devotion
I kno
But I'd miss this
I can't go
That's take strength
From a place inside myself
That I just can't find
And even if I did
Somehow you'd press rewind
And bring me back to my knees
Love so strong I can't breathe
But it's crushin my heart
How much sense do it make
For you to keep tearin me apart?

Written by Butterflyz


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