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Perfectly Flawed

Eyes that tell the story of
A thousand lies
Paints the picture of a memory
And our lives
Iips that speak the words
Hollow unto my ears
Be the depth of the soul
That lives within
Beauty as it seems...

Conjure the spirit of thy self
Once lost now found
In the midst of uncertainty
Hands that touch beyond the heart
In the space where God dwells
Be that as it may,
Goosebumps down the spines
Of the spineless for not to
Uncover truths...we are frauds
Perfectly flawed...flawed perfectly
The breeze infused with juniper
Blanket fears yet evoke tears
Joy and pain one and the same

As love slips from your lips
Decadent fruit
To divulge in the charm
Of a mystical being such as myself
To arise from the flames
Phoenix you are
Perfectly flawed...flawed perfectly
And kisses seal the fate
Yesterdays and tomorrows

Written by Blaque Byrd


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