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You said my virtue was what you were after
Never the latter,
And I the benefactor
Of your greed
Taking heed
to your words, actions and sounds

You were the pillar of solitude
That I needed around
So I fought tooth and nail
To become the epitome
Of woman that you needed in me
And through my struggles
My light faded until it dimly
Shone upon tear stained pillows
Weeping willows outside the window
Cause my heart to skip a beat

Encompassed in a room, so empty and cold
If my heart could have been bought
Then clearly it's sold
On the memory of you...
The essence of your presence lingers
And in the depths of my mind there is this deafening ringing
The sound of the cries of the child inside
I've watched the sun set and moon take center stage
But never had I seen a performance such as yours
Was the thought of you simply folklore?

Written by Blaque Byrd


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