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Complexity ( New Rules to the Old Game)

My eyes don't shed tears
Stained face and washed away fears
Oh if time would stop
I would show you love should be
But I have learned that it don't stop for me
Love slipped from your hands
And dissolved like sand
Cascading emotions erupt from within me
I remember beginning...
Cherished lover, never loved another
Yet you are fixated to keep us asunder
I wryly smile at you to keep from screaming
And you find pleasure in it...gleaming
Beaming even, mocking my diligence,
Relevance, in this game
Where you make the rules
Yet carefully I hold your love like precious jewels
But you spat in my face the harsh reality
What I saw in us could never be
More and with my heart never resistance
You've pushed me away with much persistence
I only coexist in a world where you are domineering
You have arbitrarily designed my soul
Oh the complex engineering

Written by Blaque Byrd


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