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I too, am Woman….

I, too am woman, believe it or not,
Not your model, nor your trophy, but unashamed of
What I've got.

When I look in the mirror, let me tell you what I see,
Dark mocha skin, full hips and lips, big breast,
Size: Cup D

To you I may be portly, but to my brothas, I am fine,
I am the mother of love and our nation, in all aspects, Devine.

So, when you see me walking down the street, deep in your heart
I know you lust,
But because of my race, It's a disgrace what you feel, not a must.

It's okay, you gets no play anyway, but I, too am woman.
For my choice is in my brothas, who smile when they see me coming.

Some of them are caught up and lost, but yet, I still adore,
Cause one morn' he'll rise, with her by his side and realize,
That less in not necessarily more

No matter our size or our tone, be it light, medium, or dark,
We are here, we are there, and we are everywhere you are.

So when she approaches, with her blonde hair, her blue eyes,
And her supposedly perfect, size two,
Remember it is I, who too, am woman, cannot exist, without you!!

Written by Tiffany Dionne Campbell


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