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Urban Blues

I am sad, I am down
On my face are no smiles, only frowns.
And you know what, it gets worse when you
Come around.

I look at you and I see, that it was you, not me
Who took us for granted, allowing no time to breathe

Desperately "Waiting to Exhale" From this thing I must
I express myself to you, and your reply was " Oh well".

I am not happy with myself, neither am I with dude,
What am I to do y'all, about these Urban Blues?

They come and they go, but they're here, for sure
I'm crying' and dying' inside and who knows what

"Don't waste your time girl, there's a whole new world,
There's a new day dawning, just waiting' to unfurl."

Sure that's what you say, but you don't feel this way.
Try thinking those things when your heart is in ache.

Yeah, that's what I thought, you might wanna ought
To leave me alone right now cause I'm caught

Up in these Urban Blues in need of good news
That I won't feel this way forever, paying these

If I knew that the cost, not to have love, was to be lost,
I would have kept my mouth shut and let you be the boss.

Now that it's Take Two, I know what I must do, to rid myself of these
So -called urban blues,

Dust myself off and pick myself up,
Sip my latte and remember that it's you, who's down on his luck.

Written by Tiffany Dionne Campbell


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