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Would You

If I walked away in agony wud u follow me
If I started stuttering would u b able to finish my sentence
If I decided m nt gud enuf 4 u wud u convince me otherwise
If I accidentally misquoted u wud u gladly correct me
I jus wna know Would You?!

If I woke up with a bad hair day wud u tl me I luk beautiful
If I forgot how u love ur meals cooked wud u remind me
If I wore ur shirt wud u help me take it off in intimacy mode
If I kissed ur lips wud u nibble mine as softly as u can
If I held ur hand wud u lemme squeeze it
Babe I wna knw Would You?!

If @ nyt I cudnt sleep wud u calmly cuddle me wif ur arms
If I laid my head on ur chest wud u run ur fingers thru my hair
If I told u my darkest secret wud u keep it n only tell ur pillow
If my baq ws sore wud u step in n massage it
If I cudnt reach up high wud u pick me up
If it ws cold wud u cover n warm me up
Honey really Would You?!

See truth is I wonder wt u think of me when ur alone
I taught myself hw to becum a proper mute
Fear accompanies my sleep cos I ask myself wl u stl b thr
I bruise easily n u knw it
Not only am I scared to loose m terrified how things wud be
I appreciate wt u did n do for me
Ur truly a blessing yet I still wna know

Would You?!

Written by Lebogang Chauke aka... KhayCrissy


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