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Inhale, exhale, breath and set your stress free
Light up your problems and let M. J set you free
Stay true, feel free tell all, your truth
Just let them see you
Stretch, shake and move
Rotate your mind so that you can see the world anew
Damn, aint it good to be you?
Hear the seismic sensations of tantric vibrations set ablaze
Then heighten your temptations
We fling high, with no stress lots of sex and plenty happiness
In this life it is easy to see that your are blessed
First, you have to put your qualms to rest
And take out the best
Throw then a test
And your mind shall never be perplexed
Let go of all your unrest
Those with grievances allow them to dispel their social regrets
This life belongs to us
You and i will curb the pain and kill the evil
Leaving trails of smoke
Mary Jane will lead us to providence
Exhale, stretch, move and inhale
Be free to be green.

Written by Cherry Muchindu


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