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Enslaved by my own wanting and paralysed by my own desires
That glimmer behind my eyes dies it's no longer fire
Every day i ache when the moon kisses the sky
Because when the sun owned the clouds it did not bring to me your eyes
Grace or your smiles warm embrace
Hollowed footsteps paced with a rushed heartbeat.
What is this? I have never been unable to breathe.
Why are you doing this to me?
Ebony skin, hazel eyes and a honey smile
I know your heart is not mine.
And no, it's not fine.
Staring at you while you sleep
In your bed we lay
You make my heart skip a beat
Every time that you squeeze my side
You make my heart sing every time that you tease me with a smile
I smile whenever you look at me
Could this really be me?
Stressed and perplexed by the thought of you night and day
Whenever i walk alone in the streets i wish by your side i could stay
I just realised i have never heard you say my name
You only say 'I've missed you' when i pass your way
But you never pass mine
Tell me, to you, am i just a game?
Don't get me wrong, i don't want to share your last name.
I just want to know if you feel the same
Trapped by my desires, enslaved by my pride
Why don't i feel right when i don't look in your eyes?

Written by Cherry Muchindu


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