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"A LIFE STORY = think before you act"

There was a boy named Rick
Hard boy Rick thought he was the sh##
Rick never backed down, never even slipped
Rick killed everyday many throats were slit

He was hated by many, and confronted by none
He penetrated his girl Tracy
Now Tracy and Rick had a son
Rick ran the streets searching for
something that wasn't there
His momma tried to tell him but,
he just didn't care.

Cause Rick was bad and never lost a fight
all of Rick's feelings were held inside
because he was taught a man never cries

He tried so hard to impress a father
who didn't claim him as a son
Rick life was taken before age twenty one
One day Rick slipped and his throat was slit
Rick was found shot dead in a ditch

Rick won every battle but, lost the war
Now, Ricks son Jr. don't have a daddy anymore

Written by Love-Child


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