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The Bride of Lucifer

Etched on the pages of my mind
are stories of ecstasy's painful designs.
Golden chapters of lust, love, and life,
Heaven's blueprint of wicked insight.

In the tainted hours of night,
with murky mischief on his mind,
Lucifer, son of morning's demise,
Sent to me a sardonic bride.

Her eyes were like the rising sun,
With lips of a fire red rose petals.
Her hair was like a water fall
Down her ebony colored skin

Her body stood as a colossus
Over the still waters of my heart
She illuminated my arid soul
With a golden torch of ecstasy

We dwelled in the realm of paradise
As her potions weakened my body,
Invading my thoughts with lust,
A sultry burning in my core

How can the bride of Lucifer
Be adorned with such beauty?
Was I held around his ghastly grip?
Or by the empty bottle of vodka

Written by Chinomso


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