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The Living Dead

We have become the living dead
Nonexisting spirits swallowed by saturated
and candy-coated realities of the "high life".
Our motivations are money, material possessions
and even lifestyles that we can only dream of.
We live for clothes, jewelry
and cars with shiny rims
The latest CDs, videos, DVDs and Timbs
Our lives have been replaced by petty things
We are now hustlers, players, pimps,
bitches and whoes not Kings and Queens.
We are the living dead
The triumph, pain, sweat and tears
of our forefathers and mothers have dis-appeared
in the spiritless lives we live.
Dead are our dreams
Dead is our motivation
Dead is our hope and faith
Dead is our determination
Dead are the visions that we once held tight
Dead is our drive
Dead is our might.
We are the living dead
Once morality and pricipality driven people
We are now plagued by the world's sin and evil.
We are the living dead
With a future bleak
If we don't wake up eventually
Destruction we will reach.

Written by Christopher D. Sims a.k.a. Universoul


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