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For Black men Only

Where are you my Brothas?
In this essence in time it seems we're extinct and blind
Our women, our children, our mothers, fathers and brothers
can't find us
Have we dis-appeared?
Have we allowed America to smear
our image with mis-conceptions and lies created out of fear?
Look at us bretheren
Our situation is beyond critical
Instead of unified Kings and noble men
we're starving, spiritless, material lusting individuals
We are no longer the images of our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers
We're even condemned by them
Living in a world of constant battles and sin
sending our own selves to our ends
No longer friends, just bodies braving the wild of the world
Losing our souls as time unfurls
It's sad that I no longer feel kin to my bretheren
I feel alien amongst crowds
of loud-talkin', fast walkin', women kursin' studs
who have drug the image of us in the mud
We no longer have respect for our Nubian Queens
It is an understatement to say that we treat them cruel and mean
Our behavior amongst them is extreme
We no longer exist with them as a team
We Brothas call our precious women everything but who and what they truly are
which has left our Queens spirits colored with bruises and scars
We treat them so foul one outside of our race would doubt that their ours
to serenade with Beautiful names and respect
Instead we'd rather treat them with neglect
My Brothers where art though
As our little men and women experience this world without guidance and protection
We've left it to the media, sports stars and rap and r&b songs to give them their lifes lessons
We are unrecognized
in their eyes
unseen tears
for years
our children have sung the blues
while we've shown up here and there
with an outfit to give them along with a pair of shoes
We must wake up
We're losing our women and children to this cold world and vultures
Lacking knowledge of self and a history of their divine past and culture
Let us rise again men
and except the positions of providers and protectors
Let the world drink from our nurturing nectar

Written by Christopher D. Sims a.k.a. Universoul


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