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Will there ever be Heaven in the Ghetto?

Will there ever be heavin in the ghetto?
Will there ever be smiling faces
Warm embraces
Traces of a past of a prominent people
who were once Kings and Queens?

Will there ever be beauty and glory
for Blacks who own the richest story
the loveliest legacy
and the mightiest moments in time
known to mankind?
Will hope leave us untouched and blind?

Will there ever be heaven in the ghetto
or will my people just give up and let go
and die off in numbers from the thunders
of struggle, racism, classism,
capitalization, alienation, exploitation,
government regulation
and police brutality and invasion?

Will we ever get to live free
to become the best you and me?

Will dreams not deffer
and we pursue lifestyles that we prefer?

Will we ever drop basketballs, footballs
and crack rocks
to stop
the continuous cycle of Black boys and gurls
becoming un-conscious disciples
of systematic slavery
where those that are in control
make the most off of our souls?

Will the concentration camps
where we reside mostly be revamped
and renewed
and become centers for cultural
and social advancement for the enhancement
of our people
for the prosperity
of our people
for the progression
of our people?

Will the evil evict themselves
from our neighborhoods and homes
where we roam
spying on our every move?

Will there ever be heaven in the ghetto
so that Black children can play free,
run free,
laugh free
and just be?
Be themselves
to find the abundant wealth
inside of them untapped by public shools
where they are just faces and treated
like criminals and fools.

Will there ever be heaven in the ghetto?

Will there ever be clear blue skies,
bright suns,
magical moons
shining stars,
and green grass?

Will there ever be
positive energy

Will there ever be heaven in the ghetto?

Written by Christopher D. Sims a.k.a. Universoul


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