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Somedays Are Better Than Others

Somedays are better than others
Sometimes its hard to breathe
Sometimes its hard to make it through the day since theres no you and me
Somedays I just smile
I just refuse to be sad
Other times the silence just gets to me from the loneliness I now have
Sometimes I can't stop laughing
Other times I just feel so alone
So desperate to hear your voice
To scared to pick up the phone
Wondering if this is for the best
Wondering what did I learn
What was the lesson taught
Not to get my heart burned
But somedays are better than others
Its the good memories that keep us alive
In my heart I have you captured on the days my heart doesn't cry
I tell myself be strong
Everything will be okay
Yet without you in my life sometimes its so hard to make it through the day
Just wish you could understand
Just wish I could see you again
I just miss the way we were
I just miss my man
But somedays are better than others
For once now Im free
But Id give nearly anything just to have you back in love with me
I guess today just aint one of those days.

Written by Ashaunna Coleman


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