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Tell Me

Tell Me
Why do I still feel the need to pick up the phone
Its like I yern for sound of you silent tone
Just wanting to hear you breathe inbetween words of thought
Wishing you were next to me to please all my needs and wants
It seems like nothing that I do gets me rid of you
I fall asleep and in my dreams I see a vision of you
Just got me wondering what Ive got to do to make you see
That she can never take your love away from me
Mahogany eyes
Cocoa skin
Soft hands
Sweet lips
Images dancing around in my mind like sweet honey tea on a warm winter night
Wish you were holding me tight
Can't seem to replace the love I use to feel for you
No one makes me melt the way you do
No one has my smile the way you had
No one qualifies to be my man
Can't hide
Can't hide from loving you
Tell me
Why do I still feel the need to pick up the phone .........
To fall in love
And again
And again with you.

Written by Ashaunna Coleman


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