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To Be Loved

To get ourselves in and out of these situations that you never expect to come
When I feel your arms around me, I no longer yern to run
Comfort is what you give me
You keep my strengths unweak
You know my every sentence before I even speak
My tears could come running like waterfalls throuhout the day
And the second I hear your voice my sadness just goes away
When the world strats to stress me out, its you that I turn to without a doubt
You understand all my inner pain
That enters my heart time and time again
Its you that I dream of when I close my eyes
Got my daydreaming through the days and hours
And as the minutes began to pass bye I imagine you lying next to me each and every night
Its like a warmth when you come around
You pick me up you'd never let me down
I never have no reason to complain
Your like a treatment, you relieve me pain
If I could spend forever in your thoughts
Just to please all your needs and wants
Id be you happiness for a lifetime just as you are mines
When I smile its only real
And what you give helps me heal
And what I know is my love for you
And what you show is that you've got love for me too
And as we grow its amazing what we feel
Its a love that so unreal
It feels good
It feels good
It feels damn good to be loved my you .

Written by Ashaunna Coleman


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