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When we are of one mind,
when we love on the sly
(on the down-low)
Oooo Weee Oooo Weee
my, my, my…

Our passion whirls like… like
Kansas tornadoes
hurling trailers just
outside the perimeter
of country woe & gyrates like… like
Kentucky hailstorms
dropping balls of ice just
inside the walls of protection's
guarded foe: Swish!
Nothing but the lingering breath
of an ultimate
and insuperable force coming true
and much… much netted
relief released like the poetic pen
upon new parchment (an obvious sigh)

When we are of one mind,
when we love on the sly
(the DL of course)
I can just about swear
that we make the very earth
move like the motion of Katrina's
memory lingeringly swirling
in the psyche of a stunned
Bermuda Triangle.
Maybe... Perhaps that's just
my personal and definitive analogy,
though it (the dickin-down) is
most definitely synonymous
to the funky-town
of heavy and tumultuous loving.

Yet and still
(though DL it may be)
we will keep astonishing with major
faits d' accompli,
tapping our own feet to our own
rhythm and
moving like the wind (to and fro)
in the same space
allotted us by God… amen?

Amen!, for we all
know there's no place like home
where the heart lies in security.

Moment of silence please...

Written by Jacquii Cooke


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