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Come With Me, Stay

I saw you again -
today you glanced upon my facade,
my eyes gently laughing
and avoiding your telling gaze;
you looked deep within
to the very soul of me
and you knew me: shy & virgoesque.
I beckoned you without words;
I wrote a letter with my fluttering lashes,
a simple plea from within this deep;
"Come with me," My soul murmured.
"Let me learn
the very essence of your own
face, the very-ness of your aroma,
the subtle of your muscled pecs,
that we may
simply caress the deepness
(ever revolving) of us for just
a moment. Stay with me;
Learn me with haste,
that I may simply embrace
the very essence
of your exquisite tastes,
making them our own."

This letter, this here
few lines
is that beckoning,
that pleading you witnessed sublimely
from within my capricious soul:
a demure shyness
I will overcome in time,
turning it into a slyness,
that I may grace you
with my words
and kiss you with my smile
and my mouth as well,
and simply say aloud,
"I love you.
You & your stormy ways, your delicious smells.
Come with me. Stay."

Written by Jacquii Cooke


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