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Caress Me (kisses on my face)

Hot Summer days - Swaying to the flow of the wind
To the west blows the calm September breeze
Caressing me, oh-so tenderly - Kisses on my face
Sun beaming down as the sky smiles from up above
In her pale blue sash - She rejoices, singing like a dove
Endless song flirting with my ears - Cadenza to love
Nature in all her wonder whispering secrets of the past

To the left a youthful glance - Forever and ever amen
Caress me, oh-so tenderly - Kisses on my face
Summer days of new blending, becoming one with those of old
Boldly unfolding a universe of song -
(Trumpets hale, doors open)
Heat becomes passion caressing me so tenderly -
Kisses on my face.

Written by Jacquii Cooke


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