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The Ring

The Ring is not only a jewel of precious treasure,
It is the symbol that reflects how deep a love can measure.
It is the gift of all gifts leaving one with no words to say,
Sealing the defining moment when two lonely hearts find their way.
Its meaning should be more valuable than its monetary wealth,
Mixed with love it can conquer any evils that are dealt,
Representing everything that should be fair and just,
The Ring is also the protector and guardian of trust.
It is a reminder of a man and woman's special connection,
So long as it shines, it should never be tarnished,
By ways of cheating or deception.
That is why it should never be taken for granted,
For it is the seed that one day,
A lifelong marriage will be planted.
Not a brush but it paints pictures of what the future could be,
And so long as it is honored,
A couple will last an eternity.
It circles around the finger so the two should never draw apart,
Being its pattern never ends
That same circle is also left around the heart.
Made of silver platinum or gold,
If you take care of The Ring,
Just like love, it will never grow old.

Written by Robert Wilson-Cruse


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