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Fed Up

Sick and tired of the way you act,
Walkin over everyone like a damn doormat.
Thinking you are a "Phenomenal Woman"
But your attitude only makes you a "could have been"
It's ok to look and dress to impress,
But your ego ain't supposed to be measured,
By the size of your ass and your breast.
Claiming you want a thug,
While real men are being neglected,
But then you wonder why,
You are always being played, beat on and disrespected.
Stop making the term "real woman" out to be a joke,
Start using some damn intellect in your choices,
And quit letting your minds be ran by the wrong folks.
Gentlemen materialistic is some women's name today,
And if you like one, you got a high price to pay,
No more "damn his touch and his kiss gives me chills",
But "hi how you doing? Can you pay my bills?"
Can't even pay some of you a compliment,
You either roll your eyes, let it inflate your head,
Or you make a rude ass comment.
I'm sick of the way you all react,
Thinking you too good for this earth,
Because you light skinned, have fake nails, or a weave down your back.
Black women get mad at us if we find love with a different race,
But when we put our feelings out there to ya'll.
We get the love crushed, damaged, or laughed right back in our face.
Don't get me wrong I love all you women,
Just hate the way you all carry yourselves,
Then call yourselves "representing"
Some of you need to wake up because it's about that time,
To start finding real men and real love,
While the both are still in their prime.
Because right now you have no "relations"
Because your "ship" is out to sea,
If any of this poem unnerves you,
My apologies but don't blame me, I speak the truth,
Real man, real poet that's me.

Written by Robert Wilson-Cruse


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