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Southern Belle

From the moment she stepped into the room I knew she was different
Her hair, her walk, her smile so innocent,
Yet seductively guilty,
The air around me fills with the aroma of sweet southern iced tea
If you've ever had sweet southern ice tea, then you know what I mean,
Glides down your throat on a hot day like a cool piece of candy
Giving you an unforgettable rush of satisfaction and that was her,
Coco brown skin complimenting a dress of lavender
Everything about baby girl said Southern Belle,
Her voluptuous body from the bosom to the derriere,
Just made me stare. in excitement shock and aw,
Like I was watching this thoroughbred
Prancing and posing after winning the Triple Crown,
As she made her way into the room not a peep of sound,
From the hungry wolves ready to pounce on their prey,
Southern Belles temperament so warm and inviting,
Even left the wolves swagger and confidence,
Tamed this day.
She sits at the bar with her beautiful crossed legs like royalty,
Her sexy southern accent whispers out the cocktail of her choice,
Then out comes a wolf in a scruffy voice "whatever she wants it's on me",
Southern Belle graciously replies "I appreciate the gesture but I have money"
Not feeling victory but the agony of defeat,
The disgruntled wolf tucks tail and returns to his seat.
Then another smooth talking wolf, tries with his intentions disguised,
Although flattered by the charm Southern Belle realized,
This joker is out for only one thing,
And Southern Belle is too classy for a one night fling.
Then a gentlemen approaches the scene from across the room
And tells the wolf "I believe you're in my seat" and lets the words loom,
The wolf asks Southern Belle "Is he with you? How could this be?
"No offense buddy but she looks way out of your league"
The gentlemen went to speak but Southern Belle said "I got this"
She says "I've loved this man since the day we first kissed",
"He is everything I need, want and desire",
"He can do it all from supporting my dreams to setting my loins on fire",
"Can you do that for me?" the man replied, "I guess not"
Then the wolf walks away baffled by the foiled plot.
Southern Belle puts her soft hand on the man's face in relief then says
"I'm so glad you're here with me"
Then I told Southern Belle "Can you believe he tried to take my seat?"

Written by Robert Wilson-Cruse


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