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Why I Write

I write in hopes of navigating my pen,
To a place of origin,
To appeal to the masses,
And have my works read aloud in classes
Discussed by the most arrogant but intellectual minds
Hoping to find myself put on that pedestal
With the greatest poetic achievers, the believers that one word
Or expression can kill a lifetime of depression,
Give a spiritual connection or even teach a hard earned lesson
That would make us stop and think
I write to make the heaviest alcoholics put down their drinks
Sober up and listen to whatever I have to say
I write so people in this world could understand the role I play,
I write for the struggling musician,
That student dreaming of being a physician
I write for that rehabilitating drug addict
Fighting to better their condition.
I write for love and what it means to me,
The joy of finding the one,
And what a relationship is supposed to be.
I write so readers can understand my thoughts,
Hate my work, respect my views
And relate to the battles I fought.
I write not for money, fame or glory,
But why I write is just to tell my story.

Written by Robert Wilson-Cruse


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