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"Chapters of Deciphered Lies"

This potion has be dipped in all the wrong places
Brought happiness into your heart but tears among your faces
This takes away a part of every human being,
never discriminating against the races

See this is what happens when your heart is
put through misery
Your eyes begin to overflow from painful words
said over and over

You ask yourself why, oh why did
this have to happen to me?
I thought I would be the one in a million,
that one four leaf clover

I thought that he was the one,
to hold my heart with his key
Oh why oh why, am I a victim of misery?
It all remains a Mistery

See, you've thought that you
found that one true love
He's opened your eyes, along with your heart
For you and him to never, ever depart

But just like evidence like the glove,
you didn't fit
You were not to be the final puzzle
piece in his life

Hell, he had his dog, picked fenced house,
his junior and his wife
But with him on your arms in the mall,
you thought you were the shyt?

No no honey, face the facts for
they're oh so true and bold
He sprung you out, turned you out,
dogged you out, and even put you out.

You are no longer his glowing flame,
his lil' kick on the side
Just remember that yo ass,
was just another chick who took the offered ride
Doesn't it make you wanna cry inside?

Don't be his fool, don't beg for his love
The thing more powerful than loving him,
loving yourself first
Show him how strong of a woman you are,
put yourself above

Let him be the one dog who's trailing
to satisfy his thirst

Written by CtSunkiss


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