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From Prince to King

Sitting upon your throne
with those sparkling brown eyes
and those sensous thighs
the sun glistnening off of your caramel tone.
I, watched as you glanced from afar discretely intringuingly
watching me Quintessential Queen.
Thinking of you make thoughts run through my mind
which I can't describe with words I can't define
that sit upon my tongue like fire.
You and I ought to go to places where we can be alone
and have long, long conversations with
no expectations or limitations of our own.
Then I stop and wonder to what degree would I go to to love you:
Would I roll back the tide
or stop the thunder
part the clouds in the sky
or tear hell assunder,
for your love yeah I wonder.
Then would you let me rule your throne and wear your crown upon
my brow or at least show me how and still allow me the man that I
am despite the man that I am.
Or would you hold me in your eyes as a helpless child not a man:
Because I am your fairy tale prince
Your Hershey's chococalte kiss
Your sweet teddybear, that fantasy amiss
I am that smooth melody played on ivory tickled piano keys.
I am that perfect moonlit night spent on a jet black beach.
And as you sit upon your throne drawing me close with those
bedroom eyes our souls touch before we make love suddenly I
realize that I am holding you close with a touch which was meant to
do more than just tantalize and with your mind you've got me hypnotized.
You see this here love aint no one time thing
No one night stand or midsummer fling
Since my early days of adolescence I've been destined to be first and
never second my Queen If you want this Prince to be your King

Written by Curtis Wright


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