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A Virtuous Man

I saw her from across the street
when suddenly she turned and looked in my direction.
Now was I her selection was the question I asked myself.
Although I had seen her many times before,
I was still unsure of what her intentions or motives bore,
which mad her presence hard to ignore.
After a moment it became obvious to me what she was looking for,
she was looking for a man, but not just any man but a virtuous man.
I then asked myself yet another question.
Did she even comprehend and understand what it is that makes a virtuous man:
Was it the ring that she saw proudly worn on the fourth digit of my left hand?
Or was it the way she saw me interact and laugh with my better half
holdng her tighly by the waist
while walking arm in arm to the rhythm of our own pace:
Or could it be that her heart was deceived by what her mind percieved
that made her eyes believe in all the wondrous possibilities,
because in me she saw all the things in a man she always yearned for
even with all the flaws so she thought.
I watched as she walked towards me wanting me to respond to her
stimulus, with the slow licking of her lips and the movement of her hips.
So she leaned over and whispered her mame in my ear
and all the things that she wanted us to share.

As I walked closer towards him I felt a little less sober
with each step falling over feeling less confident than before.
Quickeining my pace only caused my knees to shake and heart to race:
I begin rehearsing in my mind all the things I wanted to say
from the first day I saw him with her:
The way in which he loved her with his hands and with his eyes
with his lips and with his smile.
Could he love me the same way and say the same things
and not love me just between my thighs?
Could he love me in spite of heart sold and mind?
My body ached, ached to be touched by him:
engulfed by his flames I yearned to be his belonging just to him,
cherished only by him.
For in him I saw all the things I needed a man to be, both gentle and
strong, so how can this feeling be so wrong?
So with my hands on my hips I whispered softly in his ear
my indescent proposal despite my fears.

I was blown away by in which the words she spoke
She asked me if I could treat her like a beatiful black queen
and do all the things in between and how she had seen me and
thought that I was unique and how she and I could be a perfect fit
and to my puzzle shew would be the missing piece:
How she could make me happy and be the mother of my child
and how she could make it all worth my while:
If I were to give her the chance she would be more than just my wife
but also my lover and my friend:
But what she failed to understand was that I could not be her virtous man
a virtous man both gentle and strong for I am in love with another
woman to whom I already belonged.

Written by Curtis Wright


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