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Oxtails, collard greens, candied yams, and blackeyed peas.
Mama would always cook for my brother, sisters, daddy and me.
Some soul food fixed for six, stretched from three.
Mama would wait until our bellies were full before she wold eat.
And for desert I would watch from scratch as she would make:
some peach cobbler, banana pudding or chocolate cake.
Licking the spoon was always worth the wait.
With a smile and a kiss on my cheek she would ask me about my day.
Fix our tattered old ripped faded jeans
When dad was mad on our behalf she would intervene.
She was not there just to keep the house tidy and clean:
But our every hour problem solver most intelligent black beauty queen.
Standing only five foot two in height:
But a giant in her own right.
Mama knew how to keep the peace when we'd fuss and fight.
She help us say our prayers and tuck us in bed at night
And with a hug and I love you she would say good night.

Written by Curtis Wright


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