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Miss Understood

My dear sister let me dispel this myth that black men are no good
When it seems obvious to me that you may have just miss understood
The way that we walk and talk with a style and grace of our own
With perfect African features that are strong and black to the bone
Our hair short and kinky, nappy, curly, bald or with long dreadlocks
Always on our game smart and clever like a fox
And we know a good woman when we see one and we'll let you know and
we'll let you know all night long
Holding you so tight but gently in our masculine arms
Wake you up in the moring with a passionate kiss that is soft and wet
Gazingly longingly into your pretty brown eyes all the while feeding you breakfast in bed
Buy you flowers and candy call you our sweetheart and beau
Because these are just some of the ways we express ourselves to you
Place rose petals in your bubble bath baby oil room filled with sweet burning incense
Rub your back and shoulders when you are tired and tensed
Make love to your mind
Never ever tell another soul, the secrets of your naked soul in which you confide
Know when you are angry and reads well between the lines.
Help raise and love your beautiful black child
So the next time some sister tries to tell you black men are no good
You tell her I'm sorry sister, but I think you may have just Miss Understood.

Written by Curtis Wright


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