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Two - Five

It's not every day that a black man gets to see age twenty - five.
I feel blessed to be alive.
I walk around with my head held high.
I reach beyond the heavens so I can touch the sky.
Twenty - five , twenty - five.
Not twenty - five kids with twenty - five wives.
Not twenty - five to life:
But it sure enough feels like.

You see ever since the day I was born.
I've had dreams that were stepped on
I've been lied, and cheated on
talked about, ridiculed, so on and so on.
You see I'm at the end of my rope and I got to hold on steadfast
will I last as time goes past?

Trying to exist is sort of like a fish out of water.
If you can't breathe then you ought to know that life aint
no crystal stair aint no good times here
Only when family is there to:
protect you, help you, correct you:
Then can you even expect to rise above ghetto.
Ghetto life, ghetto codes, ghetto minds and ghetto roads.
Twenty - five, I'm alive.

Written by Curtis Wright


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