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It started out oh so innocently
Between you and me
Meaningless everyday conversation
Promptly arousing in me a fascination
which quickly changed into infatuation
was it the long engrossed eye gaze
or was it circuitous or the sideways way
that every now and then allowed me to steal glances
waiting for the opportune chance
or was it the long silence shared
in close spaces creating an intimate scene
Your words become effervescence
Captivated by the language you speak
dropping me to my knees
reduced to
not being used to
or wanting to
display my feelings of vulnerability
Which somehow crept up in me
You've seduced me
first with your mind
And then by the curvature of your spine
Wishing to elongate the time
I fantasize
About the swell of your lips
from a perfectly placed kiss
on sacred places
where you'd restrict
Your Mahogany skin
spread thin
like the skin prostrated over the head of drum
producing a deep pitch
when struck and played with my forefinger and thumb
you are my muse
inspiring me to the heights of a greater interlude
momentary interruption of protection
as I satisfy my unquenchable thirst
diminished by
animalistic lust
from forceful thrust
from the passion that exudes
from a touch that lingers
long after you have come and gone
promptly quieting my volcanic eruption
you are my sublime seduction

Written by Curtis Wright


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