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Hershey's kiss

Her angel like voice
Along with her firm figured shape
How her kiss is a spell
Caressing your tongue
Like cars crossing a highway
The moistness of her when I pick her up
Her chocolate scent
This drew me in further
As her moist leaked into my mouth
As I went down under
And prepared to devour
Man that was a tasty treat
Her Hershey's kiss melting inside of me
It's like a dose of Tylenol
How her beauty puts me to sleep
One lick Two licks
Is all that I should take
But I can't stop licking until her Hershey's is gone away
Do you hear her calling because I do
Like the angel's voice I hear her to
But I wonder should I give her another try
Or let her Hershey's kiss go dry

Written by Da'corius Crockett


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