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I'm a king without a queen
killing my brain is like
clipping off da wings of an angel
but it's better for you to love me as i love you
the head boards bangin the clothes are all over da floor
aint no tellin or who tellin you not to or to leave me
i didn't mean to hurt you so why did you have to hurt me
is it because i was getting close to your heart that you had to let me go
the feelings i have for you i have never had before
wen i tell you i love you its no lie because i love and its killing me everyday of my life
no strings attached as long as your chained to the bed its lights out cameras on so hit da bed
ain't no life without you aint no heart next to my soul
so this is why i'm chaining you to the bed and never letting go

Written by Da'corius Crockett


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