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I know that we just met….

Confusion sets in
I know there is no love for me from within…U
Intelligentsia and pure raw passion
Yin & Yang
My soul bleeds.. fashioned out of the curvature of that thang
Buried beneath the back pockets of your jeans
My intelligentsia is offended by that last line
However, my passion understands just what the hell Ize means
Your ambitions, thrill me
Your goals, ideas, and work ethics, kill me
Peering over your glasses, amasses my hunger,
Stay that way baby..just a little bit longer
I want to nibble on the corner of your mouth..just a little bit
The harmonies of your laughter, is what my heart is after
Ms. _ _ _ N, I can't bear this shit
My passion doesn't get it, it just doesn't understand
My intelligentsia is satiated and ignores the fact that you got a man
They finally both agree, that a naked you, is better than two of me
We clearly see you yelping with pleasure, off the tip of our tongue
With your toes curled and eyes rolled back in your head
You succumb, you succumb, thank you heaven, we won, we won,
Our bodies shaking together in unison, creates the sexiest damn hummm..
Go home to your man…this fantasy is done

Written by Damali


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