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With the softness of tranquility I assure you the pain
Is the part of the lovemaking which rains
explorations into womanhood.. it will feel so good

gazing towards the heavens, your throne lies within your eyes
I finally realize what my ancestors all succumbed to at least once in their lives,
The making of the purest love attainable by mortals,

The smoothness of our movements, the lack of rush in our touch
I need to slow down, but me like it too much
Hush, Hush, Someone is calling our name
Hush Hush, I trust you so much… is this passion? Is this love? Or am I that insane?

Physically, you and me, are entwined, by sublime spirits of carnal jest
The streak of tears that your beautiful face wears, a testament to our sweaty flesh
I want this, I need this, I prayed for this
my soul bellows out loud the name of your ghost
I can smell the pangs of your pleasure, this I swear I will treasure the most

Angela, Lisa, Vivian, Aurora, Debbie, Brittany, Chaniqua, Tonya, Marcella, Ischa,
Selena, Dawn, Mah Wen, Tamiko, Jennifer, Norah, Dana, Tabitha,

I will never forget the women I was blessed and honored enough to make love with

Forever ..

Written by Damali


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