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Welcome to my world

Welcome to a world committing the sweetest of suicides, it's death by gluttony
Welcome to a world of humans, starving for humanity,
gradually digressing back into animals, blinded by Satan's lover, we call him technology

Welcome to a world that defiles the meek,
Wickedness is the source of our strength
Welcome to a world where morality is considered weak
Justice is justified by the needs of past religions and the wealthy, who are numbered few
Where our un-pure thoughts, and slutty wants, defecates on the righteousness within you

Welcome to a world of bitch ass boys,
Hoarding cowardly thoughts of being real fathers to knocked-up mothers
Welcome to a world of incest, because we're all brothers and sisters
yet we can't wait to fuck each other

They say knowledge is the murderer of faith, and it's true as far as I can tell
Welcome to a world of paradox,
cuz the more we learn and open our minds
The closer we all get to the realm of hell

Welcome to a world that treats the homeless with utter disgust, and contempt
Although most of us are living from paycheck to paycheck

Welcome to a world that worships you, not based on the quality of your soul
But the quantity of your sins, when he who dies with the most toys, wins

Welcome to a world of hypocrites,
self-hating mortals committing genocides and holocausts
Society decries the evils of these men of the past,
While today in Africa the same amount of lives are still lost

Welcome to my world of glazed eyes,
where you need to bleed sometimes to feel like you belong
your head is attached to a swivel heeding the whispers of Angels and demons
as you try to maintain more rights in your life than wrongs
the songs of your sins harmonize with the beauty of reality
this poem is really getting to me…
Forgive me for writing this..

Written by Damali


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