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Real men don't cry
But I can't help crying out your name
when you crush my flesh, grinding down on my flesh, twirling my flesh with tongue
my flesh throbbing deep inside of your flesh , our flesh becomes one
Crying out your name between clenched teeth our bodies entwined in utter carnal bliss
Crying out your name between gulps of air, at the release of each kiss
Crying out every sinful threat, crying out impassioned profanity
Abandoning all of my pride, stroke after pelvic stroke,
stripping me of every ounce of vanity,
Crying out loud, my blessed defeat, in your world of erotic insanity
Crying out to my creator, heartfelt sobs of sexual gratitude
Un-encumbered from years of solitude my sexual beast
Real men don't cry… I couldn't care the least
So I denounce my manhood, call me Mrs. Damali, your lesbian lover
It may be Freudian, while I suckle on you, like a newborn to his mother
Crying out " Damn it sweetness! ", I love the freakiness, I swear I hope it never ends
There is nothing more pure than sharing nakedness, and your darkest desires with your
best friend
I shed this tear for you …

Written by Damali


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